Kicker's Script-O-Matic (Q3A configuration tool)

Download it here!

This tool is for server admins and those lone rangers, who are seeking more control under quake,

I mean, multiplayer simulation! Also, it is very playable under OSP 1.1, get it from here:

exe-install or zipped     [ note: map cycling is not working! Possibly id soft. mistake ]

I kinda like that mod, so does thousands of other quakers around the world...


Important notes from author:

- this thing is old, coded long time ago!

- map cycling is only working under under q3a v1.11 and v.1.17 and v1.27


Notes from web master (quicx):

- I hope that script-O-matic is not discontinued, I think that author of program doesn't have

time to countinue development, he works a lot for his day job and plays a lot.






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Kicker  is owner of Script-O-Matic, he developed that proggy, all right reserved.
id Software is owner of Q3A game. So you know what Im trying to say to you....